Re: [CR] Vintage Belt Saddle from Japan (on ebay)

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From: "Jon Spangler" <>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 19:33:32 -0700
To: Dale Brown <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Vintage Belt Saddle from Japan (on ebay)


For what it's worth, these are the poll results so far on my informal Belt saddle poll (seven responses received).

Jay Roberts, Jay Dubiel, and Paul Grens evaluated the Belt saddles positively, but I received some strongly-worded warnings about the Japanese Belt saddles, too.

More respondents than not (4, off-list) said that the belt saddles were uncomfortable, stiff, and worse:

"rode one for about 15 minutes, gave it away...."

"...Belts, like the guy said, were hard, unyielding, bad Brooks copies. Some do aquire a nice patina but i wouldn't inflict one on anyone's a**. Thicker leather than, say, a Brooks B-5 or a Wrights W-3, so they'll last longer but never break in...."

I will ask the seller if his saddle is soft...

Jon Spangler wishing he were at the "tail end" of his saddle searching in Alameda, CA USA

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There are several minor variants of Belt saddles, by Fujita, but most are roughly analogous to Brooks B17.

There is also a Fujita F17 Professional that is similar to a Brooks Pro.

The Fujitas typically have noticeably thicker/harder leather than their modern Brooks analogues. I have a well cared for F17 Pro on my Fuji America that despite 30 years and 3 owners really isn't showing much indentation yet.

So if you like a hard saddle, the Fujitas are for you, especially the F17 Pro. They are quality saddles, although in their day they tended to be disdained as cheap Japanese Brooks copies.

One nice touch is on the strap loops on the Belts - they fold the cutout metal over to create a rounded surface they doesn't cut into saddlebag straps.

Jay Roberts Silver Spring, Maryland USA

On Apr 25, 2010, at 11:40 PM, Jon Spangler wrote:
> Listers,
> I keep losing out on Ideale 90 auctions (I can only afford so much)
> so am now looking at alternatives like this:
> Vintage Belt Saddle Japan
> ebay #
> 140399828135
> Has anyone ridden these Belt Saddles from Japan? Are they any good?
> How do they compare in comfort and shape to Brooks Pro saddles and
> Ideale 90s, which I know?
> Thanks very much,
> Jon Spangler
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