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Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 09:03:41 -0400
From: "P J Rutledge" <>
To: classicrendezvous <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] ttt adjustable stem on ebay

Harvey is right that this stem can be assembled backwards, in which case it will point upward significantly. But, even assembled correctly, and depending on the angle of your head tube, it can angle upward slightly. I have an earlier one of these, the exact same stem but labeled "Ambrosio," assembled correctly and mounted on my '63 Frejus, which has a 73 degree head tube, and the stem is angled slightly upward. I think it would look better if it were at least level, if not downward sloping, but it's still a really nice stem and I'm glad I paid $75 for mine.

Pete Rutledge Woodbridge, VA, USA

Harvey Sachs wrote:
> Uh, Dave and Kevin, just a few notes:
> 1) If the stem is angled upward, I reckon the designer would flinch,
> thinking you have installed the horizontal piece backwards: If you
> insert it the other direction, it looks "normal" for the time, with
> the horizontal part actually horizontal. But, I use mine pointing up,
> too, happy to have the extra rise to ease the old back. May be on my
> Rauler which may be at Cirque. I will be there.
> 2) The "vertical" part needs a rather thin-walled socket. The one that
> came with mine was pretty poor, and split. Standard size, but not
> always handy out on the road.
> 3) Otherwise, it is a very sturdy design, using a cross section that
> is a cross between square (bottom) and round (top), so the bars can't
> twist. And notches that locate the stem fore-and-aft very rigidly. But
> typical Italian poor-quality chrome on the bolts and nuts.
> 4) I mostly use mine to get position dialed in, and then change to a
> Cinelli or whatever, fixed length. I've never been comfortable with
> the rear part of the extension presenting a pretty brutal greeting to
> knees or whatever else might encounter it in a crash.


> best,

> harvey sachs

> mcLean va