Re: [CR] Ebay Outing : Cinelli Pista, 57 cm, BB Drillium - Now $1800 B eater Frames

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From: "jim abt" <>
To: <>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 09:48:10 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR] Ebay Outing : Cinelli Pista, 57 cm, BB Drillium - Now $1800 B eater Frames

Hi all: My bicycle derby is off for Brian Baylis. What a true lover of these machines we call bicycles! Like him I enjoy the open road with the entire world as my living room only to return to my humble walled surroundings to tend to the beauty that I have intentions of riding once again when the rain stops, complete the tasks that generate a paycheck, or I finish my sleep. There is a love for the ability to power something so fast with what the Good Lord gave you that is nearly indescribable. You have to be like Brian and truthfully live it.

When one considers spending hard earned money for a bike, everyone's soul is different. The crimes against humanity come when the description of a bike becomes misleading...say for instance...."This bike is ready to ride" and then you get it and the rear derailleir pullies are totally wasted and the clamp for the front derailleur is busted off the frame and the brake levers are hanging from the handle bars because they are broke. When a classic machine is displayed with all to see so finely and the description so accurate, not only is the perspective buyer a true "biker" but certainly so is the seller. A deep appreciation for all that belongs to this passion we have exists in their hearts. Why else would one take a macro photo of a paint tarnished down tube with an aged old original decal? The beginner would have to stick around for a detailed discussion of why, where the vinatge collector needs not be told. That is why I am so sure that everything that Brian has and works on as well as the seller of this Cinelli is with true and untarnished "SOUL". God Bless you. Seeya on the ride.

Jim Abt
Wausau, Wi. USA