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Subject: Re: [CR] Gloves (& Rapha gloves with snap closure for sale)

John Hurley wrote:
> I'm looking for a decent traditional cycling glove, tan leather,
> padded, with white cotton crochet back. Any suggestions?

In 2007 I had a nice visit with Ernest Csuka at Cycles Singer. We couldn't talk much because of my woefully nonexistent French, but I am so glad I got to meet the man. The only thing I bought from the shop was a pair of fairly traditional crochet back gloves. Lighter than tan, more of a chamois color. Very nice, no logo, perfect fit, Velcro unfortunately. Tag says FABRICATION FRANÇAISE -- who knew they still made gloves in France!? Or did a few years ago at least. Unless Cycles Singer just happened to have a case of old ones left over. Reasonably priced if I recall -- unless you include the airfare!

A while previous to that I had, in desperation for some nice gloves, succumbed against my better judgment and ordered some Rapha gloves, sight-unseen. They were over a hunerd US and I don't really like them all that much! The leather, padding and crochet back are top-quality, but the fit falls a bit short of perfection, disappointing in something so expensive. The wrist part is too long, as in it goes past the big protruding bone on the back of your wrist, whatever that's called. The snap closure is RIGHT OVER THAT BONE and it actually hurts to snap it shut. (I'm not manly enough for them I guess. But then, if they're for Real Men, why do they have padding?)

They fit better if I fold the extra wrist length over once, which moves the snap forward by a half-inch to where it's not right over the wrist bone. Then they look more like trad cycling gloves too, which I'll admit does matter to me.

My criticism isn't about their current product, -- I just went to their website and looked, they don't sell a glove that closes with a snap anymore.

Anybody wanna buy mine? $50. They're really great! ;^) Size Large, probably vintage 2005 or so. Worn about twice. I took pictures of 'em on, folded over at the wrist:

Mark Bulgier
Seattle, WA USA