Re: [CR] Phil disk brake, was 73 Paramount tandem FS.

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Harvey, Thank you for your words of care and caution: As it will not be ridden prior to sale, I wish to keep all intact, then share your admonition with the buyer, which may be happening as we write.

J.B. Froke, Ph.D. Pebble Beach, CA

On Jul 5, 2010, at 7:04, wrote:
> I have only my customary note to add: Please, for safety's sake, disable the Phil disk brakes. They only fail when needed, but that's when they fail. By stripping the splines on the early ones, and by burning the later ones.
> Otherwise, sounds like the Right Stuff version of the Schwinn Paramount tandem, and quick tight-coupled, vintage machine.
> harvey sachs
> mcLean va (but now in Cleveland area, OH)
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> Subject: [CR] 1973 Paramount Tandem: Posting Exclusive to CR
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> 1973 Paramount Tandem: For Sale and Posted Here (CR), Exclusively --
> First and exclusively to the CR List, I am offering for sale my 1973 Schwinn Paramount Tandem: Model T22 (Double Men?s), serial no. GJ805909. This is a beautifully cared for bike that is in no less than fantastic condition. When I bought it, it was said to have fewer than 800 miles, believably; and, it has not been ridden since. The Flamboyant Red frame is 21?F/21?R (c-c) and shows minor stone chips, only (some are touched-up with matching nail polish). Decals range from perfect on most to minor chipping on the fewer.
> Cranksets, pedals, and seatposts are Campagnolo; Transmission is Schwinn/Huret Le Tour; Huret rear drop-outs; Hubs are Phil Wood, as are the Disk Brakes that supplement the original Mafac cantilevers; Barcons are Schwinn-approved Suntour; Both bars are Cinelli (stoker?s are new lightweight city-bars), and stoker?s stem is Pivo; Matching Continental? Super Sport? tires on (R) Super Champion and (F) ABT SunRims; Spokes are beautifully tied and soldered; Seats are (C) Turbo Bernard Hinault and (S) Avocet; Matching toe-straps are REG.
> Asking $1,800.00 + shipping; but, would be delighted if you pick it up at my house -- so much so that under that circumstance I?d let it go at $1,600 OTD. Or, I can deliver to SoCal (Dana Point), where I stay monthly. Otherwise, I recall a recent CR discussion re shipping tandems by train -- seems a reasonably sound idea.
> JB Froke
> Pebble Beach CA