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Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 16:19:12 GMT
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Actually, Columbus does publish the weight of all of those older tube sets. Weight given in grams in the specs. My guess, all else being equal, the weight difference between a frame made identical to another, other than these tube sets, is between 100 and 300 grams. Probably closer to the 100 gram figure. It's not as much as one might imagine.

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA

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I'm not a vintage weight weenie just for the fun of it. I have been thinking weight might be used to determine what tubing may or may not have actually been used in a given frame when it is not known for certain.

I would like to know the difference in weight between the 0.7/0.5/0.7 "Lightweight" Columbus SL" and the "Standard" 0.9/0.6/0.9 for the entire tubeset. Obviously there are other variables even for the same size frames like the type of lugs, amount of braising, amount of paint or internal coatings. I don't know if these variables are large enough to overcome the tube set differences, or not.

Brian or others, if you have otherwise identical complete sets, I would love to see what the full sets weigh. Thanks

Jon M. Crate Marietta, Georgia USA

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That "SL Competition" you are talking about is actually Columbus KL tubing. It's the specs. you quote. I have a few of them in stock.

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA

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Subject: [CR] Columbus SL "Competition" Tubing
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 10:40:44 -0700

Has anyone heard of Columbus SL "Competition" tubing?

I have a slightly OT 1984 Gitane Team Pro frame (a "team replica" of those used by LeMond, Hinault and Fignon). It has Columbus decals in French.

The bike looks similar to this one:

The 1984 Gitane catalog specs list the tubing as Columbus SL "Competition". I haven't weighed the frame yet but it sure feels light and the tubes have the same kind of ping when tapped as Reynolds 753.

I've only seen 1 or 2 references to Columbus SL "Competition" and one list of tubing specs that has 2 different wall thickness dimensions for Columbus SL tubes.

Standard Columbus SL:

Top 09/06/0.9 Down 09/0.6/0.9 Seat 0.6/0.9 Head 1.0 Forks 0.9 Chain Stays 0.7 Seat Stays 0.7 Steerer 2.5/1.65

"Lightweight" Columbus SL"

Top 0.7/0.5/0.7 Down 0.7/0.5/0.7 Seat 0.5/0.7 Head 0.8 Forks 0.9 Chain stays 0.5 Seat stays 0.5 Steerer 2.5/1.65

Chas. 12 Gitanes Colerich
Oakland, CA USA