[CR] RARE ITEMS FOR SALE - Williams B109 Dureel Ultralight chainset, Williams C1200 cranks and chainrings, BSA cranksleather saddlebag, etc.

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From: Neil Foddering <neilfoddering@hotmail.com>
To: Rendezvous Classic <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 19:58:36 +0000
Subject: [CR] RARE ITEMS FOR SALE - Williams B109 Dureel Ultralight chainset, Williams C1200 cranks and chainrings, BSA cranksleather saddlebag, etc.

I'm offering the following rare and desirable items from my own collection to CR members, prior to listing them on eBay. (Recent purchase of a 1938 Leica forces sale!). All prices are subject to shipping costs.

For photos, see:


My standard of digital photography leaves something to be desired (hope I do better with the Leica) and I've just realised that in manipulating the camera, some of them are in black and white. If anyone requires further pics, just let me know.

1. 1920s/30s leather saddlebag. Saddlebags from this period are extremely rare, and sound leather ones are rarer still. I've had this one overhauled by a saddler, which included new straps and cape strap leather eyes to lid flap, and new straps and buckle to side pocket. The leather (pigskin?) of the bag itself is extremely supple, and is sound, albeit showing abrasions and patina of use, with three small cuts (largest 1/2 inch approx) to the side of the lid flap above the side pocket. The stitching is strong and sound. There is a stiffener bar, possibly wood, sewn in for the saddlebag suspension straps.

Approximate dimensions: width, including side pocket, 10 inches; height approx 7 inches; depth approx 4 inches.

This is an eminently usable saddlebag, which up to now has graced my 1938 Claud Butler.

Price: GBP 85

2. Constrictor Conloy lamp bracket 1940s/50s. This includes the alloy fixing bolt and the often-missing alloy screw which is intended to prevent theft of the lamp. Used, but in excellent condition. Should polish up very well.

Price: GBP 35

3. BSA 5-pin cranks, 1930s/50s, 6.5 inches, grooved front and rear. New Old Stock. These cranks were of highest quality, and before the war, BSA equipment was often offered as an upgrade to top-quality machines at a higher cost than Chater-Lea.

These cranks came from the factory with the grooves painted red (this can't be seen in the B&W photo, unfortunately, but the paint colour in the grooves is maroon). The right-hand (chainring-side) crank is stamped "BSA", with the piled arms trademark. The left hand crank is blank. The chrome is excellent, but with a small patch of rust speckling under the chrome on the face of the left-hand crank near the pedal spindle hole, and a similar patch on the rear face of the right-hand crank, also near the pedal hole.

Price: GBP 55

4. Williams C1200 chainring, 44t, sleeve bolt fitting. I believe this chainring to be NOS. It has light scuffs and patina of around 50 years' storage, but no rust.

Price: GBP 20

5. Williams C1200 chainring, 46t, sleeve bolt fitting. This chainring has signs of having been lightly used, and is in excellent condition.

Price: GBP 15

6. Williams C1200 forged cranks, 6.75 inches, sleeve bolt pattern, with bolts. The C1200 was Williams' top of the range 3-pin cranks, introduced in 1939, and used into the 1960s.

This is late post-war pair comprises crank arms with different date codes, but is otherwise a very-well matched pair cosmetically. Shows the patina of use, but no chrome loss through rust.

Price: GBP 39

7. Sturmey-Archer "K" pattern 3-speed hub, 1934, black shell, used. This hub has just been completely overhauled and rebuilt by Phoenix Hub Gear Repairs at a cost of GBP 33, and the invoice for the repair appears just before the photo of the BSA cranks. (Please note that the first part of the invoice relates to an AW). The K was the AW's predecessor, with the same gear ratios. The black paint was a factory option, and is original. Ready to be built into a wheel. (Something special for the Lake Pepin tour??).

Price: GBP 45

8. Williams 6.5 inch B109 Dureel Super Lightweight 5-pin chainset, 48t alloy "K" pattern chainring. 1930s/early 50s. This is an extremely rare and beautiful crankset, in fact the only one I've ever seen, let alone owned, other than in photos. The chainrings appear occasionally on eBay, and in fact, a chainring sold on 15 July for £79. See:


The B109 cranks were (according to my 1952 Brown Brothers Catalogue) produced specifically for this top-of the range racing set, and were machined to a slim and elegant profile, not unlike the much more common 3-pin C1000 racing cranks.

For a photo of one of these chainsets in use, see this superb photo of one of the Wells Brothers of the Catford CC at the start of a 1930s time trial. The Wells brothers competed successfully at a national level during the 1930s.


This chainset dates from the early 1950s, and shows the patina of use. The chrome is generally very good, with some light rust speckling to the right hand crank, and some rubbing from toestraps. The chainring teeth are in superb condition, no hooking or excessive wear. The surface of the chainring on the face is patinated, with fine mottling. This might well polish out.

Price: GBP125

I'll be happy to answer any questions, but I'm now signing off for the night, so please be patient!

Neil Foddering
Weymouth, Dorset, England