Re: [CR] Torpadunno. Any Torpado experts out there?

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Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 00:16:09 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR] Torpadunno. Any Torpado experts out there?

Ben, I guess I'd be considered the resident Torpado expert on the CR list. Happen to have a similar Sprint frameset here, with the same kick-stand bracket. It's destined to be the base for my "weight whaley" bike ... one that in theory is a vintage lightweight, but instead has all the heaviest Campy of the time.

The weld line under the b.b. shell is not at all uncommon, both for Torpados, and Italvegas made by Torpado. It's predominantly a "feature" on the mid to lower level bikes, but even the great riding, first generation, top of the line Italvega Super Speciale from the very early 70s had them. The new and improved Superlight - Super Speciale models (differentiated only by paint finish, model decals, and components used in the build) came out sometime in about late 1972, I think, and they had a better shell.

We must remember that Torpado in Italy was not unlike Schwinn in the US, where a large variety of models were produced and sold in large numbers. Schwinn had tanks, and Torpado had tanks. Schwinn had some crossover models that looked nice, but had cost cutting measures where it was less obvious, and Torpado did as well. This Sprint frame falls into that category, I think. In fact, if you think about it, a bike designed to have a kick-stand, can earn a notable weight savings with the bracket tacked on, as opposed to one that is bolted on. The Campagnolo dropouts with fender eyelets, helped give it some flair.

The Sprint bike you passed on is likely from no earlier than 1972, given the use of brazed on der. cable guides on top of the b.b. shell. It's been said here on the CR list that these braze-ons came into common use on Italian bikes, approximately in 1972. Torpados went from a brass head badge to a head tube decal, around this time as well, but I have yet to nail down exactly when.

Thanks for linking us to the pics ... I save the images, serial numbers (if they are present), and any other frame or component information of just about ALL Torpados I come across, for archival and future comparison purposes.

Ciao, Mark "Anything Torpado" Agree Southfield, Michigan, USA ~ ~ ~

Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 10:11:27 -0400 From: Benjamin Butler <> Subject: [CR] Torpadunno. Any Torpado experts out there?


Last night I went to see a rather curious Torpado frame that I didn't purchase. In the pictures, it had all the right details: Magistroni "Torpado" branded headset, chrome lugs, long Campy 1010 dropouts. It is a "Sprint" model, which as far I can tell is identical to the "Sport" model. But when I saw the frame in person, it had a spot-welded kickstand plate on the frame, as well as an ugly welded seam across the bottom of the BB shell. But the paint looked quite original. It was pretty heavy too.

Any Torpado experts that can weigh in on this? When is this frame from and where did it fit in the Torpado lineup? And was welding a BB shell down the middle ever a method of construction that was used on a lightweight?

Here are a few public pictures from the seller:

Thanks as always for your collective knowledge,

Ben Butler
Brooklyn, NY USA