[CR] Fwd: Still sealed Campy 50th......... What to do?

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My dave moulton was made for the 1983 NYC bike show and came with that gruppo, and the campy logo. Sadly, the bike only had the logo and not the campy stuff on it by the time I got it.

Angel Garcia, in the same boat as earle regarding price Long Valley, NJ

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If it was mine, I would find a Serotta frame with the 50th anniversary logos, have it made new again by one of the great practitioners of the art, CA, BB, JB, KA, pick one.

I'd also find a set of Mavic Bleu SSC rims in the correct drilling, add some Campionatto del Mondo silks and a Cinelli VIP saddle with matching leather handlebar cover.

I would take a lot of pictures documenting the build, take even more pictures of the built bike.

Then I would ride it. Back in '83 and '84, I broke the seal on a couple of those. Both buyers rode the bikes a lot.

Earle "I couldn't afford it even if it dropped into my lap for 1983 wholesale price" Young Madison, Wisconsin