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Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 16:59:00 +0000
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\Hi all, I havr had a few enquiries about FKW bikes both here and through the Forum. And whilst some of the  enqiries were from nice people who had led shelterred live and didnt quite make the translation, some of us rougher folk were straight there. It means of course, well, the last word is What, and you dont need to be a X word addict to work it out. I have 3 bikes with beautiful decals in gold with red script lettering being printed , along with a head stock decal  and tee shirts are being designed as we speak. Itssad that some of our unidentifyable frames remain nameless, and now they can have the very   swish looking identity that I have invented.I shall.of course, register it, wouldnt do to have it stolen and find its way into production by some far eastern bike factory where they may think its a redundant name ,like Claud, Holdsworth and that other name.In fact as I bought a Pedal Force frame that hailed from the East and I have now discovered, thanks to Where does my bike come from,has no particulr name, poor thing, I have given it the FKW identity, which I think sums it up admirably Im even thinking of opening an FKW bike shop for all orphan frames and unidentifiable imports. Come and visit, Barrie Carter, FKW county, Roundham, UK

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Barrie; All my bikes are FKW and I might need a T-Shirt, but sorry about my ignorance. What does FKW stand for. Mostly I don't care about what things are as long as they ride nice.

Mike Larsen
St. Paul, MN