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Gals & Gents

I sent this out in January....perhaps a little early..... If anyone has any Richmond specific questions. Feel free to call me at either my office 804 237 8805 or on my cell 804 901 8805


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*Greetings fellow listers and NAHBS attendees.........perhaps a little early....but I had the time and felt inspired. Below is a list of probably my favorite restaurants in Richmond. My criteria: good/great food, good value, reasonably healthy biker type food and good people. I also tried to list places within close range to the Show. Most of these are walking/biking distance. With the exception of Lee's Fried Chicken, I have tried to include only "hand-built" food--no chains, no super stuffy joints. Many of these are owned, run or have some connection to the Richmond bike community. I am not saying these are the only good places--there are obviously good places in the 'burbs and others that people can add. These are all within 4-5 miles of the NAHBS site and at least for me have offered
memorable dining experiences.*