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What caught my eye were the raised pads on both sides of these dropouts something usually found on forged or cast dropouts.

I'm not familiar with any pre 1950s dropouts that were forged in that manner.

I was expecting to see the much thinner, elaborate stamped steel dropouts that were used on many classic British bikes from that era.

Also notice the rounded over fender eyelets which are similar to those found on later Campy dropouts.

The stamped steel Campy 1010/1 dropouts were flat on both sides.

I've seen a number of bikes made in the UK with stamped steel Campy 1060 vertical dropouts that had thin washers brazed to one or both sides to increase the thickness. Slots for the axle where then cut in the washers.

This site show many of the different Campagnolo dropouts:


There is always the possibility that at some point in time someone had forged dropouts installed, maybe much later in time? ;-)

Chas. Colerich Oakland, CA USA

Greg Reiche wrote:
> Tony,
> The Campagnolo Sport dropouts #1010/1 did not have screws, but they were not forged either.
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> My Hetchins experience started in the '50's. I had the same thought, but note that there are no wheel adjuster screws either. I am still trying to recall other forged drop-outs available at that time. Did Campagnolo ever offer rear drop-outs without adjuster screws?
> Tony Taylor
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