[CR] on-topic B/O front derailleur for triple crank?

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From: Derek Vandeberg <derek@frameref.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 09:33:36 -0700
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Subject: [CR] on-topic B/O front derailleur for triple crank?

Current project is an early '80s frame with typical Italian-style braze on front derailleur tab. I'm planning a build with a triple crankset, something like an Ofmega CX or its Avocet clone, and wondering about options for the front changer. I suppose I could use a recent Campagnolo Racing Triple, but would rather not. I know Mavic made the triple compatible 832 and 872, but these were from the late '80s; are there other period correct options from Huret, Simplex or somebody else? Alternately, are there certain models that are reasonably easy to disassemble and modify by combining parts from a couple of derailleurs? And, finally, anyone with specific experience exceeding a standard front derailleur's range - say, with a 52/42/26 and a 13/24 FW? Rear derailleur will be a long cage SLJ 6600. I imagine this has been discussed before, but my foray into the Archives turned up nothing despite a wide variety of parameters.

Thanks, as always.

Derek Vandeberg

Bigfork, Montana