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Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 18:54:52 +0000
From: barrie carter <barriemgracer@yahoo.co.uk>
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John has it summed up properly and Im sorry you only had a Claud.[se that...ONLY had a claud!] my first bike was a Phillips Kingfisher 9 quid on the strap, paid for by dad. I coulnt ever join a club with that, so I bought a clapped out Geradengo on worn tubs, and with Simplex 3 and a hand shifted front changer, I sold everything I had to but this and I reckon most of us youngsters went the same way.[ I was 14]. I hadnt joined a club as then, and when I did [ The Carlyle CC, Chelaes. not Scottish borders] I was the only younster amonst a mob of 30  Plus TT riders and tourists. It took a lot to change it and geet the League involved. But not a hitherto mentioned piece of old junk in sight                            
   Biggotted Barrie  Carter Roundham, UK PS Wherte are you Hillary, you should be involved  in this!