Re: [CR] sturmey archer S3X 3sp fixed gear info needed

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Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 13:58:59 -0600
To: Amir Avitzur <>, <>
From: Mark Stonich <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] sturmey archer S3X 3sp fixed gear info needed

At 2/7/2010 03:49 PM +0200, Amir Avitzur wrote:
>Has anybody tried out the new S-A 3sp fixed gear hub?
>If so, how is it?

Amir, I just got mine yesterday. Very nicely finished and I like the feel of the bar end shifter. I've been told the shifter will fit on DT shiter bosses or Paul's Thumbies but I prefer bar ends. Feels like about 3-5 degrees of play between the driver and the hub in direct gear. I've read that due to the play, track stands are "interesting. But I bought it to ride, not trackstand.

The two I know of shipped without the special short right axle guide nut. Regular nuts will fit. But with my 7.5mm thick droputs and the anti-rotation washers the chain is about 2-3mm too short to use with the long nut. In my case this is OK as I bought a 130mm hub (Actual measurement 131.25mm). The frame I will use is 126mm and there is a 5mm spacer nut on the right side. More dish than normal for an IGH hub so removing the spacer will help.

Finish of all of the hub parts and hardware is VG but the special splined cogs look very cheap. At least they are quite inexpensive. There are other options, such as

Back to the CR timeline; I'll be using it in a mid-'70s Vista Elite frame. I was going to use a '76 Paramount track frame but the Vista frame is 10 ounces lighter and has the same 60mm drop. With road geometry and eyelets it'll be better suited for how I'll use the bike.

I'll try to get a rim tomorrow and have the bike built up and ready to ride before Wed. night. We have ice on the roads and 9-13" of snow on the way, but The Minnesota Human Powered Vehicle meeting on Wed. will be in a mostly empty warehouse for test rides.

I'll post again when I know more.

BTW I just came across a CR posting from March of '07 in which Charlie Young had forwarded the following posting to iBOB.

Sheldon wrote: >>>Reportedly, SunRace/Sturmey-Archer is considering doing a new >>>production run of the ASC 3-speed fixed-gear hub, or an updated >>>version of it. Given SunRace's track record with Sturmey-Archer, I >>>would expect a new version to be more reliable than the original. >>> >>>They're not certain about how much demand there might be for it >>>though. If this is something that would be of possible interest to >>>you, let them know by sending an email to: >>> >>> >>> >>>Sheldon "I Love My 1954 ASC" Brown >>>

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