Re: [CR] Large Flange Hub Flange Question

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Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 09:08:10 -0800
Subject: Re: [CR] Large Flange Hub Flange Question

It differed from company to company. Campy hubs are bent inward. I can't remember, but there may be some low end Campy hube that weren't bent inward. For sure, there are hubs out there that have the flanges at right angles to the axles.

Chuck Hoefer
Vista, California USA

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Subject: [CR] Large Flange Hub Flange Question

> Does anyone know if the flanges on Large Flange hubs are "bent"
> inwards to better align the spokes with the rims.
> If so, at what angle are the right and left flanges bent.
> This is a trick question because it depend upon the distance between
> flanges and, possibly, the side the flange is on in the rear (due to
> dishing).
> Did Campy bend their Large flange hub flanges.
> I ask because, in photos of Prior large flange hubs, some bend is visible.
> Amir Avitzur
> Ramat-Gan, Israel