Re: [CR] New Member who owns 1960's Frejus Road Bike.

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Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 18:19:31 -0500
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Subject: Re: [CR] New Member who owns 1960's Frejus Road Bike.

Jerry, I'd LOVE to know the serial number of your bike. The serial number chart on CR lists bikes with serial numbers in the 7X,XXX range as being from around roughly 1960. I am particularly interested in these because I have a 3-page order sheet/packing list (on Frejus letterhead) from Tommy Avenia's shop. It's dated 1960 and must list serial numbers, model, color and frame size for about 60-70 bikes. I'd love to find some owners of bikes on this sheet, confirm some info and send 'em some hi-res scans if the data adds up and there is any interest out there.

Matthew Bowne Brooklyn, New York

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> Subject: Re: [CR] New Member who owns 1060's Frejus Road Bike.
> Steve,
> I have a 1960 Frejus, bought in August of '60 (I have the receipt) for $197.50. I'm having some work done on it, but will get the serial number and send it to you if you'd like. I did not write it down.
> The interesting things on it are the oilers on the head tube and bottom bracket, the flanged bottom bracket, the Campy narrow seat and post, Balilla brakeset and the cottered Magistroni cranks.
> Just for fun - I have a receipt from 1961 for Mafac calipers for a wopping $6.75, labor for $2.00. The campy narrow seatpost was $7.50!!! Ouch!
> Jerry Tenenberg
> Encinitas, Cal