[CR] Last post for the day; Campy pedals, 'No Brakes' book, 'Pro-Compe' freewheel, etc

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Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 16:45:30 -0800
From: Larry Myers <curmudgeon1957@yahoo.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR] Last post for the day; Campy pedals, 'No Brakes' book, 'Pro-Compe' freewheel, etc

Once again....

1) campy NR pedals w/ strap loops; VGC, minor scrape on one dustcap, very smooth, $65 shipped conus

2) sun tour 'pro-compe' 5-speed freewheel, BSC, 14-18-22-28-34t, looks almost new, $28 shipped

3) "No Brakes",book about track racing track racing in the US, mostly late 70's-1995. great pictures & interviews w/ mark whitehead, gibby hatton, marty nothstein, rebecca twigg, many others...great source of info, though the narrative style is kinda stilted, being mostly transcripted from taped interviews...out of print (AFAIK), VGC, $25 shipped conus

4) "Il Primo" Giro di Sicilia handlebars; made by GB. Il Primo was the Holdsworthy house-brand for some of their nicer products...these are identical to the GB 'Tour of Britain' bars, except that one side of the bar is engraved w/ a map of Sicily, the other is engraved w/ the 'Il Primo' logo.VGC with some stem scratches on the underside of the bar-won't show unless you turn your bike upside-down :)...25.4mm clamp diameter, 41cm width (c2c), $45 shipped conus

5) Huret Duo-Par 'ECO' model, VGC, needs to be cleaned, $32 shipped conus

PayPal preferred

The OMAS bb and TA cages are sold as are the 49d cranks; thanks to all, more tomorrow.


Larry Myers
Portland, OR, USA