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Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 09:37:31 -0500
From: Harris Bucklin <>
To: Peter Brown <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Harris Bucklin's Pollard

Wow, thanks y'all for great info! Peter, yours is beautiful! So I guess the jury still seems out. It is likely that it is original but it might not be, thats fine with me, either way it is in beautiful condition. I am open to offers as well!

I am glad to find folks who are knowledgeable about this maker! I have been very curious about W&E Pollard ever since i got the bike, and while Classic Lightweights is a fantastic resource, it was the only resource. so thank yas.

cheers, Harris Bucklin Burlington, VT USA

On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 4:24 AM, Peter Brown <>wrote:
> << its original paint from all that i can tell, and according to
> the previous owner. >>
> Interesting...
> Anyone else have a Pollard in original form?
> The reason I am puzzled is that it seems odd that the down tube
> decals/transfers would feature a different font that the seat tube
> transfers!
> I acquired a Pollard frame last year which had been entirely hand painted
> over, so there were no transfers at all. It had been bought from a charity
> shop which was in the same road where the frame was originally built. I
> wanted to do a faithful refinish on it and build it up similar to how my
> brother had his machine in the 1940s, but transfers were not available. I
> did some research among V-CC members, some of whom had dealings with Pollard
> and used his shop, and found that there were 2 down tube transfers used, the
> one on Harris Bucklin\u2019s down tube, and a script W & E Pollard one. There was
> only one style of head badge known, which is the one on Harry\u2019s frame. I was
> helped by one member particularly who did me scans of what is probably the
> only surviving unused set of original transfers which he obtained from the
> now closed Pollard shop in Coventry, and I was able to redraw the script set
> for Nick at Lloyds to print, and they are now on his list. I have never seen
> or heard of seat tube lettering on a Pollard, nor have I seen that style of
> lettering on a Pollard.
> Although the frames with the crossover seat stays were in what was commonly
> known as the Hellenic style, Pollards referred to theirs as cantilever
> style. You can see pics of my brother racing his 1947 cantilever on the
> Pollard page at
> There are also pics of my machine at
> including one of my brother
> riding it 60 years on from his original photos.
> Peter Brown, Lincolnshire, England