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Just my opinion, but if you have rust like that on the outside, I would find it very hard to believe that the tubes are clean on the inside. I can't comment on the safety of such a bike, not because I am worried about making a comment, it is just that I have no idea how rust like that will degrade the strength of the metal. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL USA

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Hello all, I had previously posted to flickr photos of a small Colnago frame that I received in a trade. It had been "hand" painted (with a brush) and when I stripped some of the quite thick paint I found some pretty nasty pitting. The pits were not super deep but they were fairly prolific on certain areas of the frame. I took it in for powdercoating and asked that it be media blasted and cleaned up as much as possible after chemical stripping. This was done and the painter then primed, double coated and clear coated the thing to within an inch of life. I personally thought it was way too thick and the pitting still features prominently anyway as tiny ripples in the paint so why bother. He assured me it would not be rusting in those areas any longer.

My question is assuming the interior tubes (to the extent that you can see them) look OK and are treated with framesaver does surface pitting comprimise the strength of the frame to an extent that it is not safe? I have sold the frame but the buyer's friend (a bike mechanic) said it was not safe so I will be refunding her money. She and I discussed the cosmetic flaws at length and I told her my belief that it was OK to ride (small frame, lightweight rider etc) but now she believes otherwise.

Any advice will be helpful. At this point I will just build it and ride it myself as an errand bike I think.

Here are 3 photos that show the areas in question.

Thank you for your time

George Ramos
Portland, OR