Re: [CR] Paramount BB Reversed

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From: <>
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2010 17:41:39 -0500
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Subject: Re: [CR] Paramount BB Reversed

Well, I removed BB of this '71 Paramount that had fixed-cup on left and adj on right. They came off with appropriate amount of torque and proper cup direction. I found the BB-shell (non-Nervex, Prugnat?) threads buggered-up/partially stripped, so now a decision: I could reinstall backwards, as found, even though I won't do that; re-tap correctly in english and hope there's enough meat to hold; or re-tap to italian.

My apologies to Schwinn for initially thinking they tapped the BB backwards.

A shake of my head to the individual who installed the cups backwards...I would not have imagined this was even possible!

Jack Romans Sacramento, California


Following some CR-listers suggestions for an alternative method, I cleaned BB threads and properly re-installed cups. Due to thread damage, the biggest problem encountered was starting the cups square with the BB, esp adj cup in my case. Once this was accomplished, running cups in-and-out a few times while cleaning-out steel splinters in-between did the trick. I think that if I had attemped to re-tap as I originally thought, it might have been very difficult to keep my taps square which would have resulted in further damage. If I ever get the chance to use my expensive BB taps, I'll be especially wary of crossed starts!

Jack Romans
Sacramento, California