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MAVIC Module E rims could be found on this side of the Atlantic as of late 1975 even though they formally debuted in the United States at the February 1976 New York Bicycle Show. The earliest versions of Module E rims are easily distinguished by a Red and Gold MAVIC primary rectangular foil decal located at the seam (...similar to other models of then contemporary MAVIC rims) with a secondary Gold rim decal indicating that they were indeed Module E models. A high quality replica example of this type of decal scheme can be viewed using the following link (...hey, didn't I buy this very Crescent 320 from you?):

Much more common to find these days are the 1978 through 1985 second edition Module E /Module E2 rims having a singular Red / Green "split screen" decal with the Gold MAVIC logo against a Red background on the left side and a Module E / Module E2 designation in Black lettering against a Green background on the right one-quarter area of the rim decal. A small scale image of said version of the Module E label can be seen here:

...although the layout is perhaps better presented in the following photograph (...given a clear disclaimer that the rim depicted is actually a representation of a 1986 to 1987 version of the MA 2, the ever so slightly wider successor to the Module E2 - the general format of the decal in question, however, is the same as the 1978 to 1985 Module E / Module E2).

As for those Specialized tires about which you inquired, without knowing any specifics with regard to their labeling, all I can say is that the Touring II model debuted in 1980 (...the Specialized Touring model tire minus any Roman numerals preceded the Touring II in 1977 and continued on in production concomitant to the Touring II for several years along with the Touring X intended for heavy duty or tandem use) in either a 21 mm 27" x 1 or 700 x 25c as well as a wider 24.5 mm 27" x 1 1/8 or 700 x 28c version.

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> Subject: [CR] Module-E and Touring II timeline?
> Hi all, I have an odd request, I just acquired a bike refinished sometime in the 70's, wheels are built on the original "no record" hubs, with Mavic Module E 27" rims and Specialized Touring II 27 x 1 1/8 tires. I honestly do not recall when these "came out" not sure if the bike was basically garaged after the refurb (seems a pity if so) or used afterwards for a time before these wheels were built (they show no brake surface wear at all)..were these items available in '75? '76? '77? Or later (my suspicion)?
> Thanks in advance for any replies!
> Dale Phelps
> Montagna lunga Colorado USA