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Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 20:40:29 -0500
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Subject: Re: [CR] rims, wheels, sign-off

Oops... copied and pasted my email, and forgot my CR sign-off.

It appears the rims and front wheel have been claimed.


Peter Bridge san diego ca usa

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Cleaning out the garage. In case anyone desires them:

Pair Mavic G40 rims, used, appear straight (they nest cleanly against one another). Early red foil Mavic stickers. 36. Dark gray anodized; sidewalls are worn to silver. Free for shipping.

Front wheel, Campy NR low flange, MA40 rim, red foil Mavic sticker, 36. No QR. Let's both pretend that the orange Conti 3000 isn't actually on there, although it looks near-new. $30 + shipping

Pair of sew-up wheels, Campy large flange NR 36, Mavic Championnat du Monde rims, Regina Oro close ratio 6-sp freewheel. Hutchinson tires, look like they have life left, no guarantee. No QR. $99 + shipping, which I think is approximately the value of the hubs.

"A Sunday in Hell" VHS. Jorgen Leth's masterpiece film of Paris-Roubaix. $10 + 5