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From: Bob Hillery <>
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Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 01:57:04 +0000
Subject: Re: [CR] CR Garlatti frame

William, Garlatti - Parma, Italy. I have one that had Campagnolo Valentino (lower end) derailleurs, rigida chromed steel rims (27"x1-1 1/4), and universal brakes & levers. I added snappier Campy pedals instead of the basic quill/rat-trap that came with it. This was a New old stock shop find ... It still had the crepe paper and sisal twine wrappings, and a shipping tag in Italian. in it's original box.

Here are a few shots: I'd be happy to share more if it helps your restoration project. It's a '73, so may post date yous if it's really a 60's.

It's a nice ride - much better than my Raleigh Grand Prix, not as light on its feet as my PX-10. My understanding - and I welcome more info from the list - is that Garlatti were a small shop in Parma, and in the bike boom era assembled many with a mix of parts - reasonable but certainly not high end. I've got a set of period mavic 700c rims on campy hubs with Vittoris tubulars that I ride with mostly, but still have the OEM 27s. Oh, and I replaced the really low end plastic saddle with a concor - It looks the part, but frankly isn't as comfortable as that cheap plastic job.

There's at least one other lister with a mid-70s, I believe, in green.

If I could get a decent flight, that didn't charge more for the bike than me, I'd love to take it to L'Eroica!

Cheers, Bob Hillery waiting for more snow Stratham, NH, US

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Hi guys

Well I just got my hands on a Garlatti frame, it needs to be restored, the thing is that I could not find much info on this frame, just a few photos, but seems to be from more recent models, I was told that the frame was made in the early 60s. Does anyone knows something about the history of these bikes and photos of how they look back in those days?

Thank you

William Trail
Guadalajara, MX.