Re: [CR] BB Axles: thick versus thin? And don't forget Phil BBs

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I have to admit my ignorance here: WHY did Campagnolo make thin and thick BB cups? I have been reading about thick and thin cups for months and never understood why anyone would offer two thicknesses (two thinnesses?) in BB cups, if not to deal with the vagaries of different BB shell widths, axle lengths, crank arm designs and ages/wear factors, Q factors, etc.

As a Phil Wood BB user and partisan for 35 years now, I can attest to their durability and superb price/value ratio, for all of you who think they are too pricey. I am still using my two original 1970s Phil BBs and they are going strong with NO signs of wearing out. (I may have replaced the bearings once...) You can buy used Phil BBs on ebay fearlessly (just check for the correct tapers) since Phil Wood can replace bearings on anything they have made, including the CR-acceptable "vintage" BBs of long ago.

And it is SO simple to dial in the BB fits, crank offsets, Q factors, chain lines, and such.....

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> Fred wrote:
> << There is also the existence of thicker / thinner cups that you
> can use withan axle with the races spaced for the other type of
> cups to compensate! >>
> Only in Campagnolo and that isn't the reason for the thick/thin...
> (Psst, Fred, I am not seeing the (required) sign off in your
> message!!!)
> Richard:
> Remember in almost every case;
> 70 mm wide = Italian.
> 68 mm wide = British, French, Japanese, Spanish, Swiss.
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