Re: [CR] Been offered a LeJeune Tandem... Anyone got info?

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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 12:33:01 +0100
From: Hans Joergensen <>
To: verktyg <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Been offered a LeJeune Tandem... Anyone got info?


Thanks a lot for your reply.

I just transferred money to the seller so I guess I got myself a tandem :)

I have been looking for a proper tandem build for dropbars for some time, but they seem to rare as hen's teeth here in Denmark.. So how could I say no to this one?

Most tandems here, and I guess a lot of other countries are cheap and extremely heavy build for up-right riding, and most of them are really ugly.

It looks to be the exact same model as this one here:

The rear-wheel is obviosly unoriginal, and the original gear-parts are missing.

What would be authentic equipment on a bike like this? Sachs-Huret or Malliard-gears or something like that?

// Hans

On 16-Feb-2010, verktyg wrote:
> Hans,
> I really can't speak from personal experience but Lejeune had a
> reputation for "selling" good tandems.
> My guess is that this tandem is from the early 70s.
> Back in the 70s at least one French frame builder made a lot of tandem
> frames like this one. I'd heard that it was Follis but it's hard to say.
> The frames were badged as Follis, Lejeune, Andre Bertin and other French
> marques. During the mid 70s Mel Pinto Imports sold some of these frames
> here in the US without any decals.
> I built up a number of tandems with these frames with several different
> marques.
> They were supposedly made with Vitus 172 tubes and some came with decals
> for that tubing. They all had the distinctive wide dual plate crown.
> Most of the ones like this that I've seen or worked on used 650B size
> tires.
> The Andre Bertin tandems that we sold that looked like this frame
> weighed about 40 lbs. with good quality French alloy components.
> The frame appears to be in good condition and looks like it has some
> kind of internal gear hub plus alloy rims. The chain to the rear hub is
> missing.
> For $250 I'd snap it up! Even if it were made of gas pipe carbon steel
> tubing it could be a lot of fun to ride. It could be easily upgraded
> with TA alloy cranks, front and rear derailleurs if desired and better
> bars.
> I'd guess the seatube sizes are maybe 57cm or 58cm front and 54cm rear?
> Chas. Colerich
> Oakland, CA USA
> Hans Joergensen wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have been offered this tandem for about $250 including shipping to
>> my house.. I know danish prices will be a bit different but does
>> that seem fair? The bike need a bit of work as you can see.
>> As I'm unable to see it before purchase I'm wondering if anyone here
>> knows LeJeune Tandem's?
>> Should I expect it to be build by a reasonably light tubeset? Is this
>> in any way a rare or valuable bike?
>> How old would you say this is? I'd guess 60's?
>> It seems to have good paint so I guess that if I get it I'll try to
>> restore it to a more authentic gear-setup and get dropbars for both
>> the front and the rear.. I have a thing for racing/touring tandems :)
>> Anyone able to estimate the size of the bike from the picture? it
>> looks to me like it's about 50-52cm seattube ctc on the stoker..
>> Hans Joergensen
>> Copenhagen, Denmark

Hans Joergensen
Copenhagen, Denmark