Re: [CR] Weinmann Brakes: 500 vs. 605

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From: Andrew R Stewart <>
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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 13:30:10 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR] Weinmann Brakes: 500 vs. 605

As I've read the posts within this thread some thing has bothered me. That the "strength" of a brake is dependent on the length of the caliper arms. This is almost right. Really it's a leverage issue dependent on the actual pad position with in the arm's slot. So if you have two different length arms but the pads are set to hit the same rim then the leverage will be the same.

Having said that, if the cable attachment arms are of different lengths then the leverage would also be different, even with the same pad to pivot bolt setting.

With any discussion one has to have some constants to not muddy the data. So pad material, cable design, control lever mechanical advantage all have to be the same for any claims to be taken at face value.

I, too, used #500s back in the day. My 125lbs (back then! not now) and mechanic's hands had no problem stopping with the #500s. They were very light and there was a certain ego value to not spending much and still having a "fast" ride. Of course this went out the window as soon as I got my first pair of Campy calipers. There is some thing to be said for caliper stiffness (which is different then "strength").

Andrew R Stewart
Rochester, NY