Re: [CR] Raleigh Professional 1968 mystery frame

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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 12:11:26 -0800
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Subject: Re: [CR] Raleigh Professional 1968 mystery frame

"I have two 1970 Raleighs : International and Super Course. Both bikes have an unusual light-blue primer that is showing through the british racing green metallic paint. That is why I decided that Arno's bike is original factory paint. And, I think the block lettered 'RALEIGH' logos were used in the 1960's on some 3-speeds.

- Don Gillies San Diego, CA, USA"

Yes, one can never be too precise in wordage around here, I was referring to LIGHTWEIGHT Raleighs not having the block letters. These were indeed used for Raleigh roadsters, Sports and other models up around 1970 actually. But the lightweight frames and machines had a variety of "fancy" decals that the repaint or custom shop didn't bother matching when working on a frame. I don't doubt this is a factory paint job, just rather it was repainted over Carlton blue (somehow doubtful) or that blue is, as others have suggested, an undercoat.

But another example of why anyone who claims to know everything (or even of a bit of something) about all that is and was Raleigh, is riding for.. a fall!

Finally, Don pointed out all of this is machinations on the Carlton Giro d'Italia frameset. But the Mark I Pro was a machination of the Carlton Professional. Two VERY different frames and I always wondered why Raleigh opted to change from the Pro frame to the much stiffer, crit/tt Giro d'Italia for the Mark II-Mark IV series of Raleigh Pros. The Mark I/Pro frame is very much along the lines of the PX-10, Schwinn Paramount, Gitane TdF and would have seemed a better choice for then "aspiring" US market than the hard-tailed Giro d'Italia which is certainly not everyone cuppa tea ride-wise and handling-wise.

Peter Kohler
Washington DC USA