Re: [CR] Jack Taylor 5 Speed - please help to identify brakes !!

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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 18:37:24 -0500
From: "Marc St. Martin" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Jack Taylor 5 Speed - please help to identify brakes !!

The brakes are interesting, but I'm more intrigued by the frame details. Apparently it was purpose-built as there is no (that I can see) derailleur hanger. And what's with that rear brake protector/rack thingy? Also odd are the two shifters for a 5 speed; although I have never seen an SA 5 speed implementation. Either way, it's a sweet JT.

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>Mark- There is no reason why the solid links won't work well. The design has

>been used by others as well as solid links have been part of other brake

>designs (Campy Deltas). Shimano has tried various straddle cable/link

>designs over the years.


>The advantage might be that the pull up clip/cable yoke is centered. But

>that also might be a disadvantage. Also the various lengths of straddle

>cables can allow for frame (mixte) or accessory (Pletcher racks) clearance.

>The solid links are only what they are size and location wise.


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>> Hello listmembers,


>> Michael mentioning the Jack Taylor on UK ebay (320487377012) has reminded

>> me of the fact that I have the same brakeset that this bicycle features,

>> but have never got around to properly identifying them.


>> All that I know is that they are Weinmanns, and that they have a solid

>> steel straddle arm instead of a straddle cable. What I'm really curious

>> about is whether this design works - possibly not since it was never

>> copied.


>> If you look at the ebay listing you will see what I'm talking about - I

>> suppose I should make pictures of these brakes and upload them to

>> wooljersey, I haven't seen them there or anywhere else.


>> Thanks in advance for any insight,

>> Regards

>> Mark Lawrence

>> Oxford, United Kingdom


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>> There is a really cool Jack Taylor on British Ebay. A Five speed model

>> with lots of really interesting parts. See here: 320487377012 The seller

>> has turned down a thousand pounds sterling. This one may be fun to watch.


>> Michael Thompson

>> Monroe, LA