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Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 08:21:52 -0800
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Mexican Unicanitor with photos

That looks like the original saddle from my Windsor Pro which may still be about somewhere. I believe it was indeed marked Unicanitor as seems the case in the photo, but also Hecho en Mexico. I believe mine may have also been marked Windsor, but I'm not sure of that. It seems Windsor or perhaps a Mexican supplier to Windsor obtained a license to make Unicanitor. I suppose it is also possible Unicanitor themselves had an operation in Mexico, but I've never heard that. My saddle was from the early 70's, which may have been before Cinelli acquired Unicanitor. I'm a bit confused about the time line. I believe there were originally two separate brands, Unica and Nitor. Not sure if they merged and then were later bought out by Cinelli or if Cinelli bought and merged the two brands.


Jerry Moos
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

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\r?\n> Here's a couple of photos. You can

\r?\n> see in the logo photo the top line looks like it ends in

\r?\n> "Nitor". I can't make out anything of the center line except

\r?\n> a "G" as the last letter.


\r?\n> The pan only has 2 holes opposed to the 3 seen on a Italian

\r?\n> one.






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