[CR] Drysdale restoration recommendations

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Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 03:02:09 +0000
From: <CoteVT@gmail.com>
To: Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR] Drysdale restoration recommendations

I want to restore a bike of great sentimental value to me -- my Dad's late 1940s Drysdale Special, custom made for him by Alvin. It's currently paintless, and has a few minor quirks to address.

Challenges include finding the correct decals, plus a painter comfortable with creating the multicolor spearpoints I think are needed. And to not bury it under lots of clearcoat layers, modern style.

Anyone have recommendations (yourself is fine!) for a painter experienced with Drysdales?

Alan Cote
Williston VT US