[CR] Ebay outing: Universal Extra Mod 51 w/levers, Huret Duopar Eco

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Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 11:05:12 -0400
From: "Kevin Duffy" <kduffy@helicomatic.net>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR] Ebay outing: Universal Extra Mod 51 w/levers, Huret Duopar Eco

I posted these items earlier in the week, thought they might be of interest to some CR readers:

Universal Mod 51: 300421762246 Duopar Eco: 300421777848

I've heard some discussion about the reach disparity between the Mod. 51 front and rear calipers, how it could be related to Italian bikes being designed for a "split" front fender and normal rear. Does anyone have any more to add in that regard? I measured the reach on a Bianchi TdF from the mid 50s, and it seemed to support that idea, but the fork is for sure bent, so I'm not very confident about it. I don't exactly see 50+ year old Italian bikes very often around here.

I was also interested in the levers, they seem almost exactly the same as the levers I've seen on bikes with Mod. 61 and Mod. 68, they're not the pointed or open back levers. Anyone know about what year they moved to this "final" design? I understand dating these parts can be quite difficult, but every time I get a few old parts I've never seen before, I try to compile all the information I can for later reference.

-Kevin Duffy
Harris Cyclery