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Dave, I take Mike's comments as a buyer beware kind of warning for parts that have been polished. There must have been a reason why they were polished in the first place, right? I don't see it specific just to cranksets. It is a little like a frame that is offered without the fork or with a replacement fork. You have to wonder what happened to the original, right? You might even take that to question why a bike was refinished. Did it have rust? Was it damaged and repaired? Was damage covered over with new paint? Lou Deeter Orlando FL USA

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I am a bit unsettled by Mike's comments on crankarm breakage, as I believe the CR list addressed the specific issue of crankarm breakage some years ago at the instigation of Greg Parker of Bicycle Classics and the number of actual cases of crank arm breakage by CR list members was almost non-existent. As I recall, 2-3 actual cases were reported from a CR list membership of 1000+ at that time. Also keep in mind that the typical CR member owns multiple bikes and thus multiple Campy crank sets. It seems that this informal "call for actual cases" indicated that the history of Campy crank arm breakage had turned into some sort of urban myth that has taken on a life of it's own. Now, I'm recalling this from my memory, but a more adventurous CR member can go back and check the archives. I guess it seems as if Mike's post makes it seem as if the problem is greater than it really is and that those "in the know" would never touch a polished crank arm, which I don't think is true. Or am I barking up the wrong tree? Or all of the above? Reply on list please.

Dave Patrick
Chelsea, Michigan USA

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These services generally sound great, but for a few items, notably crankarms, it makes me a tad nervous.

A rough but in no way exact way of judging use of a crank is to look at its cosmetic condition. Lots of toe strap rub, nicks, and the scrapes help tell a story.

Campy NR/SR cranks do break on occasion, and miles of use is very closely related to the likelihood. Again, not an exact means, as some folks could break new ones, and typical folks may never break one. But if one spiffs up a well worn crank and makes it look gorgeous, it makes one usure as to its history. Of course, those "in the know" generally shy away from components that should be annodized but for some reason were polished. But those unaware of this issue can get a false sense of security. So I suppose it is great to do on ones own bike. But folks should be aware of why an item was polished if it shows up on the second hand market.

Mike Kone
Rene Herse Bicycles Inc. / Boulder Bicycle
Boulder, CO USA

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March 2010

Here is an interesting service by Velo-Mine

We can bring the life back to your scratched up & worn components!

Cranks,stems, brake levers, calipers and rear derailleurs require anodize stripping before polishing, which is included in the rates below.

Polishing rates:

$60 Crankarms

$20 per chainring

$35 seatpost

$30 headset

$50 pair hubs - includes new bearings and Phil grease

$50 brake calipers

$40 brake levers

$10 shifters

$25 stem

$60 rear derailleur - service only available on certain models

$60 pedals - service only available on certain models

Call me at 217.827.1173 or inquire by e-mail Ben Cole

Not related Charles Nighbor Architect and Proffessional bicycle rider Walnut Creek, CA USA