Re: [CR] Team Murray frame by Tom Kellogg vs. Serotta

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Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2010 11:00:47 -0600
Subject: Re: [CR] Team Murray frame by Tom Kellogg vs. Serotta

Some insight on the various Murrays out there:

Murray was the official bike of the LA 1984 Games so they took over sponsorship of the old AMF team in 1983 and renamed it Team Murray. They were based out of Trexlertown PA so there's the Kellogg connection. Heinz Walter ran the team with the patience of JOB and had riders like Nelson Vails, Mark Whitehead, Brent Emory, Danny Van Haute, John Beckmann on the roster. These bikes were white.

Serotta built "Murrays" were used by the Campagnolo Neutral Support Team I managed (along side Sou. Calf. legend Chuck Pranke, RIP). We had 18 road bikes and 12 track bikes for use in LA. These were scattered to the wind post-games as gifts from the organizing committee to staff, volunteers, etc. In addition to those Serottas there were 6 complete bikes that were used for the season-long Campy Tech Support Program on the rainbow Buick. These have shown up for sale on occasions. Both the Olympic bikes and the Tech Support program bikes were blue

Finally there were the Team 7-Eleven bikes built by Ben Serotta and tagged Murray used by the team throughout the season. These are the red bikes that show up for sale every so often.

Brook Watts Longmont Colorado USA

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Wasn't aware that some of the MURRAY Olympic and/or Seven-11 decaled bikes were made by Tom Kellogg in addition to Ben Serotta.?? Aware that some Seven-11 riders used non-Serotta frames with Murray decals also, but this is the first Kellogg built frame I heard of.

One is currently listed for sale on eBay and can be viewed via the following auction address (or item #290422301033):<blah> Cycles_W0QQitemZ290422301033

Kevin Kruger - Grantville, PA