Re: [CR] Best Jersey Design Ever ...and an appeal for donations to fight MS

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Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 23:04:16 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR] Best Jersey Design Ever ...and an appeal for donations to fight MS

hello clyde and all......................................I am not sure about the greatest ever but I just saw a beauty at Eurocycle Sports 3203 Atlantic Ave, Allenwood New Jersey 08720 732 223 5454.... it is a pinarello anniversary jersey in black and white with 52 on the sleeves for whatever that signifies and made by Giordana makes me sorry i haven't come across a beat up treviso or montello in my size 59 c-t or 59 c-c in the seat tube and 57-58 c-c tt ....but (hint hint) frame for trade or what have you.... that hasn't happened yet,,,this is a shameless plug for my bud and sometime wrench Greg Ciancio and his great partner Frank Viscomi"s shop in beautiful Monmouth County N.J. ...some of my CR friends will remember the classy bike shop right off of the bike path to the Atlantic,.....They're struggling a bit in this economy as they have reasonably priced but high end stuff....check them out at _www.eurocyclesports.com_ ( ...they have a classy bronze/gold (brown??) tone benotto frame that's restored and looks to be 57 c-t or thereabouts and Frank's restored 79-80 ish DeRosa Kevin C. Ruberg howell nj. I am at facebook under my name and there's a link to

donate in my behalf to benefit the victims,care for, and research a cure for muscular dystrophy...a terrible disease that ultimately stops your motor walking , no bike riding ,nada ,zilch,zippo ...that is the pits....I have had my share of ailments as have we all but i will be doing at least 25 miles (i hope) in the Ms. Coast The Coast Tour on May 22.nd starting at Monmouth University in West Long Branch NJ. rides up to 170 miles are planned for the 22nd and the 23rd in several stages...not too late to get involved on any level of participation ...more details are available at the National MS. Society's home page or links on my Fb profile page for CR listers who are on Facebook ...thanks

-Clyde "like the electricity" Putman Dallas, TX, USA, Earth


To: Subject: [CR] Best Jersey Design Ever ...

.... love the SCIC (whatever that simple bit was/is) ... the Del Tongo (god love italian cabinet makers) ... and Look was pretty good too ... but my vote goes to Celestial Seasonings. the women's team had the best, the tea/coffee mug etc. it had it all.

robert clair alexandria, va

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