Re: [CR] Replacement of my mixte underway: VINTAGE PEUGEOT CADRE ALLEGE BICYCLE 52 CM FRAME & FORK 390179081026

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Subject: Re: [CR] Replacement of my mixte underway: VINTAGE PEUGEOT CADRE ALLEGE BICYCLE 52 CM FRAME & FORK 390179081026

Hi Jon, Good luck with the re-build! What are the advantages of a mixte frame? For what sort of riding are they best suited? What is about the design that makes them a preference for some riders? One observation is that they seem to have predated the fashionable (last 12 years or so) sloping down tube by several decades! (and yes, I did google advantages bicycle mixte frame but did not find the info particularly insightful.


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Subject: [CR] Replacement of my mixte underway: VINTAGE PEUGEOT CADRE ALLEGE BICYCLE 52 CM FRAME & FORK 390179081026

Listers and friends,

I bit the bullet and started the replacement process this afternoon. (see details on frame buy below.) It was more than I wanted to pay but red is Linda's favorite color and it looks like it's in better shape than the blue UO-18 mixte frame that she now rides.

I'll swap her parts over to the new red frame and start looking for parts for my "new" blue UO-18 frame.

Once I solve the limited-drop problem on the Mafac Racer brakes we already have I will be looking for the following used, serviceable parts this will be a regular rider and a town bike, so will not look pretty for long). Some specs may change based on the actual frame condition, dimensions, or threading...


-Phil Wood 36-hole road hubs (100 MM front hub, 126 MM rear w/ clearance for 6-speed standard-width cluster on rh side) OR a used 700C wheel set with 36-hole Phil hubs and 126 MM rear hub.

(My wheels,which had mid-1970s 36-hole Phil hubs laced 3x with SS DB spokes to OT silver Mavic Open Pro rims, running 28-32MM Panaracer tires. While it had OT components, these wheels were wonderful.)

-Used Campi NR LEFT crank arm ONLY (I have an old 144 BCD NR drive-side crank arm that will fit my one remaining Campi cyclo-cross chain guard. Haven't decided what single chainring to run up front or size of cluster in the back.)

-Used Phil Wood steel BB spindle for the UO-18 mixte BB shell--probably a 68 MM, but will check on all this. (The blue mixte already has a Phil BB that will probably stay with that bike, and I do not have the red frame in hand yet. The odds are that something close to a 118-119 MM spindle with 1-3 MM of offset will work.)

-Used front cargo rack. I need one with the "low-rider" pannier mount and capacity of at least 30-40 pounds. Prefer black color and would like a flat front platform above the wheel. Must clamp around front fork blades--no bosses on the UO-18 mixte forks.

-Used, sturdy seat stay-mount rear cargo rack with mounting plate for rear light/reflector. Prefer black color, 40-pound capacity.


-OT Shimano SIS thumb-shifter and/or cable, to go with the 6-speed click-shifting rear cluster, which I may already have. (Sorry folks, but the SIS is much easier to deal with at stop signs and makes shifting in traffic more worry-free... :-)

If you have anything like the above items that might work for my "new" ride, please let me know the details (item, condition, price) off-list. I will also be investigating local sources for these and other parts, of course, and this build will take a while--mine always do! :-)

Thanks once again for the outpourings of support and offers of help, which are still arriving. (I am getting similar offers from friends and neighbors locally, too.)

Jon Spangler in Alameda, CA, where the flood of rain is lessened and the sun is peeking out

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