Re: [CR] High End Alternates to Campy circa 1970

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Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 22:13:17 -0700
Subject: Re: [CR] High End Alternates to Campy circa 1970

Don, et al.

This brings up another question that I would like to pose to the list.

Campy definitely made some nice stuff, but we all know that there were better things/technologies out there. A perfect example is Simplex Retrofriction shifters.

After some research and advice from list members, I would consider Omas on par with Campy, if not better. I would also consider some of the Tevano (t.a.) line quite nice, as well as TA pedals and the Barelli pedals that Ben noted.

However, in the list below, partially from experience and partially from hearsay, some of the items don't seem as "high end" to me, but rather affordable, well made, alternates to campy.

The brands I bring into question would include GPM, Ofmega, Miche, and quite a few of the Normandy/Mailliard offerings in the 700/Team Issue and Spidel line. While nice, these don't seem quite on par with campy and often, especially in Malliard/Spidel collective case, take a few shortcuts to save some bucks.

Additionally, while some of the SR Royal/Sakae stuff was nice (wasn't Nelson Vails using this??), I've owned quite a few of the campy knockoffs, including some Royal/Sakae track cranks and they definitely were not as nice.

On the flip side, I've been a faithful fan of suntour and find that Superbe/SSP, Cyclone, Sprint and even some of the VGT line often out preform campy parts. Especially in the shifting department.

I'd like to submit to the group and see what the general consensus was about the "lesser brands" and how they stacked up quality wise.

Sean Flores San Francisco, CA

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> I think there are several high-end grouppos that could be used to
> build an early-mid 1970's bike up. Unfortunately today, the number of
> such grouppos is only 3-6 depending upon how you count. But in the
> early-mid 1970's - - -
> - campagnolo nuovo record
> - campagnolo super record
> - OMAS (don't know the grouppo name)
> - Gipiemme (don't know the grouppo name)
> - Ofmega (don't know the grouppo name)
> - Miche (don't know the grouppo name)
> - stronglight 93 ; simplex slj 5000/6600 ; normandy/maillard
> - TA professional ; huret jubilee ; normandy/maillard
> - shimano dura ace
> - SR/Sakae royal(bars/stem/post/cranks); Suntour
> VT(pre-75)Cyclone(75-76) ; Dia Compe
> - Sugino Mighty ; SR/Sakae ; Suntour ; Dia-Compe