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Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 22:28:38 -0700
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We sold both Fejus and Legnano bikes from 1973 until about 1976 when the supply seemed to have dried up.

Some of the frames were slightly different with the location of the seatpost binder bolt being the main variance besides decals and so on.

There didn't seem to be much difference between the brands and it was apparent that they were both touched by the same hands.

They either had a Reynolds 531 decal on the top tube or no sticker at all which we were told were made of Falck tubing. I've seen the all Campy (except universal Mod. 61 brakes) with Falck tubing and bikes with steel cranks and low end components with Reynolds 531 tubes.

Most of the Frejus bikes were tan and maroon while the Legnanos were green and white or dark blue and white. We also had one or two white with light blue Legnanos.

Overall the cosmetics and pre-assembly were quite nice for production bikes from that era.

Chas. Colerich Oakland, CA USA wrote:
> <<.. Serial #31449 >>
> Interesting in that serial number seems about the same make up and approximate chronology vs time of manufacture as it's stablemate, Frejus. Wonder if they are the same series?
> Dale Brown
> Greensboro, North Carolina USA
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> From: Andrew R Stewart
> Hello all- I have come across a Legnano and I bought it. I believe it to be an
> early 1970s version. Behind the ST binder, Pat 71 on the NR rear der. Lots of
> decals, bands and box lining. Blue and silver with chrome bits. Serial #31449
> (on left side of ST below the lug).
> I bought it as an investment, as well as to save it from the fate of an urban
> transportation bike. The plan is to do some cosmetic clean up then document it
> before I offer it for sale, to this list first.
> Besides the wanting to share my excitement I am also interested in any one's
> comments about both the bike as well as how to move it along. Additionally is
> there any information that I should offer to the list for history's sake? I did
> read a few dozen archived postings concerning the Legnano brand and know that
> some people are interested in this mark. Before I sell this bike off I'd be
> happy to photo decals or what ever some one might want for their own reasons.
> When the time comes I'll post a for sale with more info, links to photos and of
> course the price. Until then if any one has any questions or comments please ask
> away.
> Andrew R Stewart
> Rochester, NY