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Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 14:03:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: "David Patrick" <patrick-ajdb@sbcglobal.net>
To: Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR] For Sale: Magazines & vintage misc. vintage paper

A box fell off a shelf this morning and hit me in the head while I was rummaging around in the basement for a few items, so the contents of said box are going bye-bye. Details are as follows, prices include postage & I'm Paypal friendly:

Bike World - Nov '74.  Neat article on release of Super Record!! Good tech article on freewheels.  Nice 2-page full color Shimano ad showing early DA parts.  $10.

Bike World - March '74.  How to ride in Winter, how to determine how fast you're going (before bar mounted computers!!).  Ads from Gitane, Peugeot, D-A caliper ad. Tech article on keeping cables working properly.  $5.

Bike World - Dec '73.  Drilled out Masi project - drillium mania.  Interview w/Yoshizo Shimano.  Road test of early Eddy Merckx bike (built by Falcon I think but it is a 531 frame).  2-page color ad for Lambert Cycles w/the headline: "Introducing the bicycle built like a jet plane".......sorry, I fell off my seat from laughing over that one.  All about chains.  $15.

Bike World - June '74.  Great article on preparing rims for gluing (removing old glue etc).  "Dieting vs. Drilling - or fat-removal vs. fluting: hollowing out our own bodies is more efficient than drilling" - what a bunch of party poopers, huh?  Dale & Roy Stetina interview.  $10.

Bike World - Jan '74.  Good article on saddles from Joe Kossak. Tools needed to repair bicycles.  Drugs and the cyclist.  $8.

Cycling Weekly.  Jan 19, 1989.  Front cover shows pic taken testing jig for rear derailleurs taken at Campagnolo.  Three page article on Campagnolo company and latest products.  B&W pics at Campagnolo booth in 1950 Milan show w/Coppi seated underneath a large poster of his image.  Great full color Tommasini ad showing a couple of early frames. Sean Yates profile.  $15.

Cycling Weekly - Jan 26, 1989.  Full color cover of two 7-Eleven riders w/Merckx team bike. Nice article on Hubert Opperman w/b&w pics.  Fignon and the special Raleigh System U team bikes.  $15.

Bicycle World - August, '74.  Pino article!!! Talks about his cool items, Merckx hour record bike and some pics.  Tim Mountford interview w/pic of Tim doing a great track stand in competition.  $15.

Bicycle World - Dec. '74 - Write-up of Koln International Bike Show by Joe Kossack, detailing new products released etc.  All about electric socks- I love it!!!  Great article on headsets by Joe Kossack, which details Campy models, Pino, Zeus, Stronglist & Shimano.  $12.

"It's Better Butted" - Reynolds 531 pamphlet. Dated 1/76.  Marketing pitch on why Reynolds tubes are better.  Shows all variations of the Reynolds stickers below fold-out text, including 753.  Every family should have a copy of this brochure.  $15.

"Ciclismo Italiano" suppliment to Velo News in 1993 that details various Italian bicycle manufactures. Write-ups on the following;  Bianchi's Reparto Corse dept, Casati, Colnago, Fir, Gipiemme, Rossin, Selle San Marco, Modolo, Milan bike show.  Nice color brochure. 35 pages.  Staples are loose.  $12.

"Ciclismo Italiano" suppliment to Velo News in 1992 that details various Italian bicycle manufactures. Write-ups on the following; 3T, Bianchi, Cinelli, Columbus, Casati, Bike Machinery, Tommasini, Olmo, Gios, Silca etc. Nice color. $15.

Bicycle Guide - Oct '89. Perhaps most sought after issue, as it features write-up/reviews on Cinelli SC (w/color pic of Cino Cinelli holding an old Cinelli SC in his olive grove), Colnago Master, Masi Criterium (w/feature on Faliero Masi), Basso Ascot, Bianchi Giro.  Article is titled "Hot Blooded Bikes - Italy's Masters Turn up the Heat".  $20.

"Tube Speciali Per Biciclette Speciali" - Columbus tubing brochure w/full specs on all tubesets: SL, SP, KL, CC, PL PS, Aelle & Zeta.  In Italian, English and French. 8 1/2 x 11" size.  Full color 12 pages.  $20.

Everything is in very good to exc condition. 

Dave Patrick
Chelsea, Michigan USA