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Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 22:03:49 -0400
Subject: Re: [CR] installing a Stronglight 49

Paul- I hope you don't bottom out the cranks on the axle flats! There are a few differing families of thought about how to assemble arms on classic tapered square axles. I clean the mating flats on both the arm and axle. With nothing other then my skin oil on the flats. Slide on giving the arm a fist hit to initially seat it. (At this point you can check the arm/axle fit, before you tighten up the bolts). Grease the bolt threads, underside of the head and any washers. Thread them in and lightly tighten with the right wrench. The arm will travel up the taper a few MMs so make sure there is room for the rings to not hit the chain stays when you finish tightening. Also do the same for the axle fit into the arm. Again you don't want the axle to bottom out against the bolt or washer. Finish tightening down the bolt to 25 to 30 foot pounds of torque. Go for a ride and retorque to the same amount. If the axle to arm fit is right you won't have to run the bolt tighter then 30 ft lbs. It will work it's way up the taper initially but will stop after a few after ride retightening, to the right torque.

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Subject: [CR] installing a Stronglight 49

> I don't have a manual to refer to but I do have a Stronglight 49 cranset
> to install. How much should I tighten the crankbolts? Do I go until the
> bolt washer hits the crank spindle or stop before then? Don't want to
> ruin the d^%$$ thing! Thanks.
> Paul Patzkowsky
> Longmont, Colorado
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