Re: [CR] UK framebuilding scene!

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Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 18:43:32 +0100
Subject: Re: [CR] UK framebuilding scene!

Listers......what can I say.....I've been overwhelmed with words of support, far too many to respond to please accept my thanks to you all.....your a great bunch!

As I said I don't intend to 'hang up my files & torch'......infact I hope I will still be doing frames even after I retire!! I am in talks with my good friend and former boss Steve Woodrup.....we'll just have to wait and see what happens?

But meanwhile once again thanks....I really appreciate it

Humbled....Kevin Sayles Bridgwater Somerset UK

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> Hello fellow listers,
> Sadly I have to inform the group, that today I have been informed I am to
> be made redundant!!
> Ironically it seems the day my 'months notice' may start is exactly 39
> years to the day I got a job with Bob Jackson....on my 16th
> birthday........since then I have been continually employed as a
> framebuilder, first with Bob Jackson, then 23 years with Woodrup....and
> finally these past 10 years or so with Thorn.
> I was only thinking a week or so ago that I may well have been the UKs
> longest serving full time employed framebuilder?.....or certainly one of
> the longest serving........though I stand to be corrected?
> I have not given up hope of once again 'doing what I do best'.........its
> the only job I ever wanted to do, and I aint giving up just yet!
> Kevin Sayles
> Bridgwater Somerset UK