[CR] more stuff for sale; more tomorrow.....

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Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 15:40:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Larry Myers" <curmudgeon1957@yahoo.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR] more stuff for sale; more tomorrow.....

Back again,

As advertised, here are some on-topic items for the list; my camera went on a road trip without me (left it in a friend's car), so most of this stuff I can't provide pics for at the moment- but if you don't like it, you can send it back. All items VGC or better, unless noted otherwise, Paypal strongly preferred; prices include shipping in the CONUS.

1) T.A. 'Professional crank set- 170mm, BSC threads, 42/52 rings. Good condition 'rider' cranks- noticeable (but not severe) toe strap rub, decals are gone, the pedal-hole dust caps are intact, rings in exclnt shape, taper exclnt. $60

2) T.A. pro vis 5 r.h. arm, exclnt condition, decal fully intact, no dust cap, 170mm, BSC, $30

3 )MAFAC 'Competition' brake set- earlier engraved version, w/ an unusual brake arch- drops calipers down slightly further, and has a 10mm slot for the centerbolt, allowing a lot more reach adjustment than the usual configuration...comes w/ 'dotted' levers in exclnt cond and GC white half-hoods....also includes 3 Simplex top-tube cable clips. Original pads in worn but useable condition...$95

3) EDCO 175mm cranks, w/ Stronglight SR-style 42/53 rings...good 'rider' condition, r.h. has scratches from the chain being derailed, otherwise fine. $60

4)Wheels- Maillard 700 Team Issue hi-flange hubs (BSC thread). Mavic module 'E' rims, 26-spoke. Includes skewers and original Sedis chain & 6-speed Atom freewheel. Tiny ding on bead seat area of the front rim; does not show when tire is installed, or affect braking.  $110

5) Miller dynamo set, in beautiful condition- attaches to front fork (on the left side, of course!), has single wire to a stay-mounted tail light. Stamped 'H. Miller & Co., Made in Great Britain', 6v, 3.3w. Very light 'speckling on the chrome in a few places, lenses are in perfect condition- don't know if the bulbs are good or not. $65

6) New Vittoria 'Servizio Corse' cotton tubular tires,approx. 270gms each, cotton casing, approx. 25mm wide. Hand-made in Thailand (super straight!), stored 2 years on old rims, perfectly 'seasoned'...pair for $70

7) New Gommitalia 'Speed G1' 'open tubular'-type clinchers- very light & narrow (20mm), cotton casing, Kevlar bead, approx 280gms, great for track use., pair for $45

8) T.A. chrome bottle cage w/ mounting hardware; includes T.A. 'TdF' promo bottle (70's?). Bottle looks nice, bur don't recommend actually trying to use it to drink out of....cage looks great. $40

9) Simplex 'retrofriction' clamp-on shift levers- newer style w/ 'teardrop' cut-outs....good condition, w/ the usual rust on the tension screws. 2 sets available, $30 each

10) ATAX Peugeot-labeled stem--nice satin-ano finish w/ 2 small tool marks near the quill bolt, otherwise very nice. 22.0mm quill, 120mm extension, for 25.4mm bar, needs 7mm allen wrench, $20

More stuff tomorrow about the same time; everything gets shipped next Friday...

Cheers to all,

Larry Myers  Portland, OR, USA