[CR] Unusual DU Peugeot PY-10--green color

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Subject: [CR] Unusual DU Peugeot PY-10--green color

The fact that the bike for sale says "3 Tubes" on the Reynolds should tell him something. This seller often has lots and lots of high end bikes and parts, so I would expect he should be able to tell the difference.

Jon M. Crate Marietta, Georgia USA

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An eBay seller in Hungary is convinced that his NOS mid 70s Peugeot

PR-10 is a PY-10.


What's most interesting is the PY10 bike pictured in the "Enlarge" window at the top of the listing.

It's a dark green mid 70s PY10 with chrome Nervex lugs. The text in the picture is in Dutch but says that the frame is made of 3/10 Reynolds tubing.

I Photo Shopped the picture and the bike is definitely green. The Reynolds decals appear to be 753 which would explain the 3/10 claim.

I've never seen any Peugeot like the one in the Dutch ad before.

Editorial note on PX-10s listed on eBay and Craigslist:

It seems that almost half of the Peugeots listed on those 2 sites that aren't U0-8s are billed as PX-10s by the sellers.

They call any Peugeot with alloy cranks a PX-10! half of them are PR-10s or similar models.

Many of these sellers get defensive when someone suggests that their description or listing is wrong.


Chas. Colerich
Oakland, CA USA