Re: [CR] dumb design, was A tale of two hubs?

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Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2011 04:21:32 -0500
From: "Harvey Sachs" <>
To: "Dale B. Phelps" <>, Classic Rendezvous <>
Subject: Re: [CR] dumb design, was A tale of two hubs?

Until this morning, I'd assumed that Normandy/Atom was the only widely distributed hub with as dumb a design for derailleur bikes as the lower one in Dale's picture. It's good to know that campagnolo had one of these, and wish I had one to add to my small collection of Campag's worst designs, together with the Gran Trashmo, the single-pulley Sport RD, and the various "matchbox" or plunger FDs. The ones designed to grit up the sliding contact.

In Dale's picture, I'm talking about the lower one, the one with the left flange all the way outboard, for the best possible bracing, eh? NO. All the way outboard, for the highest possible tension on the nearly vertical right-side spokes. My first Sears came with such a beast, which served well - like a mule - for teaching patience. Because one got pretty good at the drill of removing the (two-notch) FW to replace the spokes that popped.

I can only assume that these hubs, like the vermiform appendix, were relics of some earlier, functional, design. Like maybe a 110 OLN for single-speed FW. Then respaced at some marketer's command, to get a product out the door when those crazy Murakins wanted some absurd 5-speed FW.

Build it up, Dale, for someone you really, really, dislike. Or not, in the spirit of wishing all a wonderful New Year. Like some other Campag parts, nice eye candy for the brain to reject.

harvey sachs mcLean va. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dale Phelps wrote: Both ostensibly Tipo, 40-hole hubs. New/old/gran sport/tipo? Take a look at this foto and let me know whatcha think?