Re: [CR] Early Gran Sport derailleur on French Ebay

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Subject: Re: [CR] Early Gran Sport derailleur on French Ebay

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>I'm not expert either, but for being listed as NOS, it sure has a lot of
>wrench marks and rust.
>I have heard various derogatory remarks about this model of front
>derailleur, are they well deserved?
>I ask because I suspect the 1963 Paramount I'm going to be restoring in the
>spring would probably have used it. Am I correct about this, or is it too
>old for a 63?
>Many thanks,
>Jon M. Crate
>Marietta, USA

I second the question: Just how crummy are these Campy matchbox derailleurs - and is the crumminess universal, or only in the lower gruppos (Valentino, Velox)? I have a Frankensteined Gran Sport derailleur (with a replacement Simplex cage) that's going on the front of an early '60s Follis with half-step gearing. Should I be nervous about reliability, or is it just less responsive relative to more modern derailleurs? -- Peter Adler Berkeley, California/USA

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