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Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2011 17:13:07 -0800 (PST)
From: Peter Naiman <>
To:, Jeff Pyzyk <>
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Wish I could have joined everyone from the CR in Madison today, but I had other things going on. I've been out here in the Midwest since 2004 and first attended Crnometro in 05. I remember when I first attended CR members were commenting that there was very little if any vintage componants for sale, then for a few years we've seen a bit more available and now I guess were headed downward again. Cronomtero will probably never be big for us vintage collectors, but always fun to attend and meet up with friends from the CR.

Regards, Peter

P.S. Still have those bits from the 50th Anniversary case for you.

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--- On Sat, 1/8/11, Jeff Pyzyk wrote:

From: Jeff Pyzyk <> Subject: [CR] Chrono Metro Madison To: Date: Saturday, January 8, 2011, 6:07 PM

Just got back from Chrono Metro in Madison, Wisconsin.  While the vintage bike stuff gets thinner and thinner every year, it was a very enjoyable time.  I most enjoyed talking with CR Listers from our region including John Barron, Peter Jordain, Peter Gilbert, Earle Young, and Richard Cielic to name a few.  A few of us had great big greasy cheeseburgers at Tony Franks after the swap.  Two Pabst Blue Ribbons, a double cheeseburger with bacon and fried onions, and I was good to go.  I will need to add a few miles to my weekly regiment to counteract the ill effects on my cholesterol. It is very cool to make these acquaintances as a result of the list! Jeff PyzykMilwaukee, WI