Re: [CR] chain (pin) catcher behind chainwheels...mystery?

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Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 19:55:57 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: [CR] chain (pin) catcher behind chainwheels...mystery?

Hi Kevin, I didn't respond, because I have never seen or heard of such a thing, as my understanding is (was) the same as yours. Figured someone more in the know would have chimed in on the subject. Have you closely compared the look and execution to other 144bcd era rings with pins, to see if it looks original or not? Of course, if it is original and from the 60s, it could very well look different than the method they landed on when the pins became commonplace in the 70s.

Ciao, Mark Agree Southfield, Michigan, USA ~ ~ ~

Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 20:24:33 -0000 From: "kevin sayles" <> Subject: Re: [CR] chain catcher behind chainwheels...mystery? To: <> Seems everyone is absorbed in the topic of 'spokes with a S on the head' to respond to my quirey regarding chain catchers on Campag outer chainwheels!.........or maybe I've got everybody stumped?

I know several of you have the older 151 bcd Campag chainsets..... looking

resplendant on Bianchi's, Cinelli's and the like.........if you could just check your chainset to see if your's has the chain catching pip on the inside of the outer chainwheel........or have I got something unusual [there is always the possibility that someone went to the trouble of drilling, tapping and fitting such a pip.....but I think not] My other 151 bcd outer chainwheel on my Bianchi does not have the pip..........

Kevin Sayles
West Yorkshire UK

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Subject: [CR] chain catcher behind chainwheels

> Campag specialists out there......
> I've just returned from a cycle jumble in Manchester ....bagging myself a
> couple of of which is a 151 bcd 53 tooth chainwheel in
> good usable condition, but what is noticible is the little screw in pip
> [or whatever it's called] to prevent the chain falling down the inside of
> the crank!
> Now I always thought this was a later addition to the 144 bcd
> in the early 144 bcd chainwheels didn't have the pip?
> So the question is.....How come Campag introduced this feature on the 151
> bcd chainset....only to drop it when they brought out the 144 bcd
> chainset.......but then reintroduced it a while later?
> It does seem to me Campag where a bit inconsistant with certain
> features.......for example with the Record and Cobalto brakes.......unless
> I'm mistaken it seems the Cobalto had steel brake pad holders, wheras the
> Super Record [ or some of them] had alloy pad holders, and alloy
> adjusters..............
> One final titbit.....recently there was some chat regarding the 'outside
> bearing rear Gran Sport hub' many remarked about the pitfalls of such a
> design.........I have such a hub, though have yet to ride the bike with it
> on, so can't report on it's don't see that many...but
> today there was two for sale today at the jumble!
> Right, time to have another glass of Tuscany wine and fondle my new found
> Campag!
> Cheers
> Kevin Sayles
> Otley
> West Yorkshire UK
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