[CR] The cleaning fairy

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Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 18:41:55 -0000
Subject: [CR] The cleaning fairy

It has been said (with divorce statistics to prove it) that the muckiest parts (say, a gear mechanism, chainset or chain), can often be handled in a dishwasher. Only a little of the powder (it's a strong alkali) and certainly no delicate/ ancient plastic/anodized stuff. A slosh about in kerosene or diesel (both very light oils with some lubrication properties) afterwards. Drip dry, buff, polish. Not over eco friendly, but I doubt many will do it twice anyway......The ultrasonic machines gives super result, of course. John Purser - still married, to the wonder of some other citzens of Sudbury England.

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    Subject: [CR] Secrets for cleaning dirty bike parts
    > How do people get their parts so clean? Do they throw them in solvent
    > baths
    > like we used to before we understood the health risks (not to mention
    > damage to
    > any plastic parts). My dirty tooth brush sprayed with wd40 and dirty
    > cleaning
    > cloths don't seem to do the same.