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Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 11:26:36 EST
Subject: Re: [CR] Glove love (Josh Berger)

These are cool vintage gloves, alright, but I'm always looking for gloves like these with snaps, not hook and loop fasteners (these are Velcro). I find that undoing hook and loop fasteners makes an irritating sound.; also they may not be authenticaly OT. I have a pair of Schwinn and a pair of French Gant gloves that fit the bill. Anybody know where to get gloves with snaps? If this is my biggest complaint, life must be good. Josh Berger Bronx, NY USA _cino1947@aol.com_ (

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Check out here under Apparel for some cool looking KOF glove styles: ?
Emanuel Lowi
Montreal, Quebec