[CR] TDF bikes?

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Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2011 13:16:17 -0500 (EST)
Subject: [CR] TDF bikes?

I am reading the excellent book 'Dancing uphill' This is about the cycling adventures of a chap Charles Holland that I met along with his bro,Alfred that belonged to the Midland C&AC that I still belong to, Chas Holland was one of the FIRST Brit riders to compete in the
   1937 TDF. BUT the thing that intrigued me is the bike that he rode in the TDF, Reading Colins posts about the bikes he made etc.this is along the same thread. Charles states that he travelled from London,Victoria on the Golden Arrow with very little luggage and strangely enough NO BIKES! now this was 1937, He says "at once we were supplied with a machine each,spare tyres, goggles etc" The idea of the latter is that everyone shall have similar equipment! he goes on to say " All bikes are painted yellow with black lines L'Auto was printed in black on yellow paper, and on the head tube the name L'auto is transferred, whilst the name of the rider is painted on the top tube,NO ADVERTISING of any description is allowed in connection with the bicycles we ride! SO all you TDF experts, when did this practice end! In at least 1937 SOMEONE,SOME COMPANY made ALL the bikes they rode. WHO was this? anyone know? What a difference to TDFS of late. VERY INTERESTING! Cheers John Crump
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